Leos 4th Birthday research

Hes in to rainbows has requested a rainbow garage, I've spied a wooden one on ebay which I'm going to pimp up. He was also keen on a 'pair of rainbow crocs' which don't exist so  I've got some rainbow jibbly thingies to go all over a pair he needs anyway...But I love internet research and in looking for rainbow stuff I rather fancy these things too...
gracehesterdesigns etsy (of course) £62 for the three
Colors in Spanish Poster, Colores en Espanol, Large 20 X 30Set of 3 - Colors in English, French, and Spanish, 20 X 30 Prints

Colors in French Poster, Les Couleurs, Large 20 X 30
TheblissfullBaker etsy £4.08
Mustache on a Stick - Rainbow Cupcake Toppers - Set of 12 Picks