more machine knitting inspiration

Donna Wilson is a force to be reckoned with and her stuff is truly original I have watched her for years now. I can only imagine she uses a industrial machine to be able to produce such great stuff in the UK I'm sure there are knitting houses in Scotland with such machines, I've yet to find thesse gems but the search is on. I've spent huge amounts of time day dreaming about buying one of these Japenese knitting machine they run courses in Japan that run for 3 months at a time I've imagined taking the family la la land. I think I'd be able to fit one in the studio but not sure what would happen if it went wrong or in fact thinking about it how it would get through the door. I'm hoping to achieve decorative results within the knit with my electronic passap.

And then theres Roam I would love to know what machine they use!  
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