Getting Rocket ready for School...

Young Leo isn't going into his new school with the spring in his step we would hope for. So, as he's not allowed to take his teddy in I've  printed his best teddies on to his vests. He seems very happy with this arrangement and has given me a pinky promise he won't cry tomorrow...we'll see.

As an extra bit of bribery I am using the only currency he understands - the TV and computer! (not the wooden toy fantasy world of my pregnancy or pre child days) So if he's good he gets a token. He can spend these anytime he likes and so it follows if he cries tomorrow I'll take one away...we'll see how this goes, really hope it works.
At least I feel like I'm doing something which is always good especially when I might be a bit of a control freak?

Err yes - I can't spell and photoshop doesn't have spell check - this can be a problem!