This week...

Well...I'm trying to sort myself out which is always painfull. I can nearly see the floor in my studio looking forward to starting afresh, lots of new stuff happening this year all very exciting.  Johann my far better half is getting inspired by 'mylovelywoolshop' which will be opening soon...he's off to investigate a Woolly Mill...who would have thought it!

Speaking of things wonderful and woolly have you come across this lady who knits the stuff that makes her laugh in the news? it looks like she has alot of fun taking the photos! She can come and live under my stairs (as my old friend Dagmar would say, where are you Dagmar I miss you x)

Posh and Becks:

Tribute to Kim Jong-Un: 

Lady Gaga:

I can't find the Kate Middleton one the blog but its very good!