This Week

I am working on 'my lovely wool shop' this week, finishing all my wool blankets and photographing them. My least favorite job! always takes up much more time than expected.

So to distract myself I made/pimped up Leos Birthday Cake, good job I got a shop bought one that lasts for two years as his his party's not till the weekend.

I made this with a basic tray bake cake from Marks and Spencer (£5) it had jelly tots on which I used for the aliens eyes, some cigarette sweets from M&S too and a load of stuff in my kitchen drawer the most exciting of which was some rice paper I bought a while ago from Top Shop (who would have thought). I think it worked out well and a good job my son likes pink. My kids think I'm very clever which is always nice.

All stuck together with thick icing and finished off with a bit of fancy Birthday wrapping paper to cover up the tray. Nice and easy to transport.

The kids have been making robots to decorate the party but they won't fit in the car...I'll break that to them later.